My work is arranged by material in date descending order. Only the bronze work is produced as an edition, all the other work is unique.

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Two Forms Lamorna

Two Forms Penberth

Three Forms Peninnis

Wave Form

Other Metal

Cliff Forms Ardnish

Forms From Sail

Reversed Forms

Cliff Top Tolpeden

Cliff Forms Cairn Boscawen

Cliff Forms Cairn Boscawen 2

Cliff Form Cairn Dhu

Cliff Form Treen

Wave Form 3

Cliff Forms

Wave Form 2

Wing Form

Wing Form 2

Wave Form

Wing Form with Curve

Wing Form

Cliff Forms

Circle Five

Cliff Six

Revolving Circles

Winged Forms

Circle One

Circle Two

Circle Three

Circle Four

Two Squares

Wing Forms


Landscape Form

Related Forms

Three Forms

Two Forms

Cliff Forms

Cliff Forms


Related Forms


Interlocking Forms in Colour